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Steps to Ensure a Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud Migrations Virtual environments tend to be the most cost effective and flexible IT environment in the cloud. Converting physical machines to cloud-based virtual environments allows systems to run on fewer hosts and less CapEx expenses. The advantages of Virtualization includes allowing snap-shotting, cloning systems, reducing downtime, and reducing staff resources. Physical to Virtual (P2V) […]

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Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator

IT System and Network Administrators looking to dive into the cloud landscape and boost their current career potentials should highly consider the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator exam. In this exam, candidates will be able to prove their skills managing and installing cloud services through Azure. Overview of the current 2019 Cert Exam: Manage Azure subscriptions […]

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Monitoring Cloud Systems: Optimize for Performance

Post topics: Monitor Cloud Systems to Measure Requirements Optimize Cloud Systems to Meet Performance Criteria Benefits of Monitoring Cloud Systems Monitoring can help identify potential issues before they become a problem or disruption in services. Monitoring can give a quick overview of the health and performance of all systems in the environment. Budgeting and IT […]

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Cloud Backups, Restores, and Disaster Recovery Measures

Post Topics: Backups and Restoring Cloud Data Implement a Disaster Recover Plan Implement a Business Continuity Plan Main Backup Types: Full – Complete backup on an entire data set. Incremental – Backs up data that has been changed since last backup. Differential – Back ups all of the data that has changed since the last […]

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Patching Systems in the Cloud

Cloud Components that need to be Patched: Hypervisors Virtual Machines Virtual Appliances Networking Components Applications Storage Components Clusters Production – Development – Quality Assurance Rolling Updates A rolling update is a patching strategy that staggers deployment across multiple phases. Helps reduce downtime and issues from the update. Patches on server at a time. Blue/Green Deployment […]

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Determining Storage Requirements for Cloud Deployments

Cloud Storage Considerations: Determine storage technology requirements are (HDD or SSD) Select storage options for deployment Read/Write Throughput using IOPS (IOPS measures I/O performance for storage devices) Cloud Storage Protection Options Local Replication – Replicates data within a single data center region. Regional Replication (zone-redundant storage) – Replicates data across multiple data centers within on […]

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