Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator

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IT System and Network Administrators looking to dive into the cloud landscape and boost their current career potentials should highly consider the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator exam.

In this exam, candidates will be able to prove their skills managing and installing cloud services through Azure.

Overview of the current 2019 Cert Exam:

  1. Manage Azure subscriptions and resources
  2. Implement and manage storage
  3. Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs)
  4. Configure and manage virtual networks
  5. Manage identities

*Azure Administrator Cert Exam Cost (as of October 1st, 2019): $165 USD

1. Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources

This section accounts for 15-20% total exam weight. Candidates should be well rounded in assigning user permissions, configuring cost center quotas, and managing Azure subscriptions.

 a. Managing Roles and Analyzing Current Cost Consumption: Candidates should be able to properly manage and configure resource groups and role based access control along with the ability to identify current resource utilization and cost analysis. This includes setting up baseline reporting and system monitoring to ensure maximum cost efficiency.

2. Implement and Manage Storage

This section of the exam (15-20% weight) will focus on creating and configuring storage, importing and exporting data to Azure, configuring file shares, and implementing backups.

a. Azure Storage Topics:

  • Network setup to access storage
  • Create and configure storage
  • Monitoring activity and log analytics
  • Storage replication
  • Import and export functions in Azure with jobs
  • Azure file share creation, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Backups with Azure: Creation, recovery, reports, and monitoring

3. Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines (VMs):

  • Create and configure a VM running Windows and Linux OS
  • Automnate the deployment of Virtual Machines
  • Monitor and manage VMs
  • Manage VM backups and recovery

4. Configure and Manage Virtual Networks (Vnets):

  • Configure DNS (name resolution)
  • Configure and manage virtual networking
  • Configure connectivity between virtual networks (Vnets)
  • Monitor and troubleshoot virtual network environments
  • Implement Azure’s load balancing feature
  • Fully integrate an on-premise network with an Azure Vnet
  • 30-35% weight of exam

5. Managing Identities:

  • 15-20% weight of exam
  • Customize and manage AD (Active Directory) in Azure
  • Manage Active Directory objects in Azure including users, groups, and devices
  • Customize and manage hybrid identities using Azure AD Connect
  • Setting up and configuring¬† multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Pass certification exam AZ-103 to become a Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate.

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