How to Create WordPress Site in Azure

Creating a WordPress website in Microsoft Azure has never been easier. With Azure’s App Service feature, creating a WordPress site takes less than 5 minutes to setup.

Azure’s WordPress App Service Feature:

WordPress + AzureAn App Service in Azure is an HTTP-based service that allows you to host and build many types of web apps and solutions. Application support includes .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, and Python and can be hosted on either a Microsoft or Linux platform. Marketplace click-to-install feature simplifies test and development.

“App Services adds convenience and simplicity for website developers”

Steps to Create a WordPress Site in Azure:

1. Create a Resource Group – A resource group will house all our resources for a particular service or application. Think of a resource group as a house with all its close relatives that it has a relationship with.

2. Choose a Data Center Location: Azure features over 52 data centers worldwide. When choosing a data center, its always best practice to select the location nearest to your customers or employees.

3. Create a WordPress Website with Azure’s Marketplace – In the Azure portal, select “create a resource” on the left panel. Select Azure Marketplace and search for “WordPress”. When you find the service, click create.

4. Configure Initial Settings – Fill out prerequisites with desired services. Database provider should be set at “MySQL

5. Create a new App Service Plan – When creating a new app service plan, consider the compute resources that you will need based off of traffic and CPU usage.

6. Verify and Finish WordPress Setup in Browser – Find the newly created WordPress resource and copy the URL into a browser. A setup screen welcoming you to WordPress means that it was a success.

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