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virtualization vs containers

Cloud Virtualization vs. Containers

Containers provide a lightweight solution for running a cloud application and only use resources intended to run and function. They are also referred to as operating-system-level-virtualization and can be viewed as a minimalist virtual machine that does not have a hypervisor. Containers include: The application Dependencies Libraries Binaries Configuration files Advantages of Containers in a […]

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Determining CPU and Memory Size for Cloud Deployments

Cloud services provide a variety of computing options but getting the best value should start with initial compute requirements. CPU Performance Considerations Chose processor models that are optimized for virtualization (Intel-VT or AMD-V). Determine the number of cores based on the number of app and the needs of each app to run on the host. […]

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Virtual Network Components (Cloud)

Virtual Switch: Allows for connecting multiple network segments that are virtual. Virtual Bridge: Allows you to connect a VM to a physical LAN adapter. Virtual Host Adapter: Allows the VMs to communicate with the host computer. NAT: Allows a connection to an external network when the adapter has only a single IP address. DHCP Server: […]

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Cloud Corporate Security Policies

Goals or mission statement for cloud services: Short summary that clearly states the goals for using cloud services. Data classification: Sensitive corporate data. Data that is protected by law such as HIPA, PII, and SPI. Operational data that is used on a daily basis. Scope: Defines who and what the policies applies to. Responsibilities: The […]

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Guide to Regions and Datacenters in Azure

Azure Regions A region is a specific location that contains one or multiple datacenters that provide low-latency network connections to nearby customers. Azure has a feature that automatically assigns and controls resources for each region and ensures maximum efficiency by balancing workloads. Special Regions A specialized region is on used for either legal or compliance […]

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