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How to Create WordPress Site in Azure

Creating a WordPress website in Microsoft Azure has never been easier. With Azure’s App Service feature, creating a WordPress site takes less than 5 minutes to setup. Azure’s WordPress App Service Feature: An App Service in Azure is an HTTP-based service that allows you to host and build many types of web apps and solutions. […]

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How to Create a Virtual Machine Image in Azure (CLI)

From command prompt of the VM you want to snap the image: C:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep In the system preparation tool box, make sure the following are checked: System Cleanup Action: Enter System Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE) Generalize: is checked Shutdown Options: Shutdown In the Cloud Shell, run the following command to reallocate the virtual machine: az vm deallocate […]

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How to Create an Azure VM with Power Shell (CLI)

Create a Virtual Machine in Azure: az vm create \ –name MyWindowsVM \–resource-group [Sandbox resource group name] \ –image Win2019Datacenter \ –admin-username azureuser Run the following command to get IIS installed along with a default webpage: az vm extension set \ –name CustomScriptExtension \–version 1.9.4 \–vm-name MyWindowsVM \–resource-group Learn-e9a1-44fa-b74d-944d3acd382b \ –publisher Microsoft.Compute \–settings ‘{“commandToExecute”:”powershell Add-WindowsFeature […]

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Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator

IT System and Network Administrators looking to dive into the cloud landscape and boost their current career potentials should highly consider the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator exam. In this exam, candidates will be able to prove their skills managing and installing cloud services through Azure. Overview of the current 2019 Cert Exam: Manage Azure subscriptions […]

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Shared Server Duplicate IP Address – Solved

System Administrators can occasionally come across instances where your main file or sql sever fails to connect to the network due to an invalid address. Troubleshooting the basics: – Run ipconfig via CMD (command line) on current server. This will show current IP address of server or host machine. If the first octet is 169. […]

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